Is Your Campus Receiving Merger Proposals? Or Thinking About Suggesting One to Your Board?

With a recent spate of college closings and lingering concerns about the pandemic’s impact, many campus leaders are taking another hard look at their institution’s financial conditions and enrollment trends and revising plans on how best to sustain their institution’s purpose and support its people.

If you are thinking of a merger/acquisition as one of your options, you may want to know how your institution could receive serious proposals, or if you have received a proposal from another institution, how best to evaluate it.

The best advice is from someone who’s been in the president’s seat and successfully maneuvered through a merger or acquisition.

Kevin Quigley is the former president of Marlboro College (Vermont), which merged with Emerson College – an institution over 100 miles away in the urban heart of Boston. Simultaneously, Marlboro sold its campus to Democracy Builders, a non-profit social justice and educational innovator based in New York, NY. At first glance, the acquisition of a small, rural liberal arts institution by two metropolitan organizations might not seem obvious.

So how do you keep your options open for interesting partnerships that could continue your mission in these challenging times and help it thrive in the future?

Kevin would be glad to have a free 30-minute phone or video call with you or members of your senior team.

Find out first-hand what matters most in exploring potential mergers and acquisitions, how to approach the conversation with your board, and what to expect when news spread to your constituencies.

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