Are you providing outplacement support during layoffs?

If your university has made the difficult decision to lay off staff, outplacement services can be a lifeline for your employees.

We can provide affordable job transition support, with an hourly fee structure that only charges your institution for actual time used.

Dutcher LLC is a team of trusted advisors experienced as on-the-ground higher education executives. Our human resources specialist, Mary Eisenhauer, is certified in 360-degree assessments, career coaching, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and Lean Six Sigma.

Mary purposefully and compassionately partners with clients in all phases of career development:

  • Collaborates with clients to identify and develop professional goals
  • Strategizes with clients on job search strategies, creation of resumes, interview preparation and negotiation of job offers
  • Engages in a career exploration process for clients considering career transition

Here is what two of Mary’s clients share about their experience with her career support:

“Mary worked with me during a period of unemployment to effectively explore my professional passions and set goals in those directions. At each meeting, she helped me focus on another aspect of my vision for the future. Her coaching was exactly what I needed to determine my next move. Because of our work together, I landed in a position doing work that I love. I would not have found myself here without Mary’s coaching expertise.”

“I worked with Mary when I was preparing for an important interview for a higher-level role. I needed in-depth preparation for the interview process as well as an overhaul on my resume. Mary hung in there with me through all stages and helped me to negotiate salary when the position was ultimately offered to me. Her support was invaluable.”

Contact Victoria Dutcher at 860-819-5786 or to discuss your needs and arrange a conversation with Mary.