Unacceptable losses. Student attrition should be top of mind.

With declining demographics and increased competition for new students, student retention has never been more important.At your institution is retention discussed with the same level of urgency as recruitment?
Or is retention an afterthought?
Have you adopted an “unacceptable loss” approach to student attrition?

Acceptable loss is a term coined originally by the military that has crept into business and now into education. What does acceptable loss mean relative to retention? No one can guarantee retention of 100% of your students; we know that some students may not be ready for college or may have personal circumstances that require time away or a shift in their priorities. 

With student success at the forefront of the conversation, the Dutcher LLC mission is to help institutions minimize unacceptable losses. Instead, we help you identify those unacceptable losses – students who are withdrawing for reasons that could have been avoided – and address them systemically.

We can complete a student success assessment for you in the next two months.Be prepared for the start of the fall semester with best practices to keep your students engaged and committed through the essential first weeks of school.

Contact us today to discuss this very important work for your campus.