This is no time for novices.

Your campus has never faced a situation like this. The pandemic is creating previously unimaginable stress on institutions that were already stretched to the limit.
If you have a vacancy on your executive team, come to us for temporary support. Our interims can fill the critical roles of president, provost, chief financial officer, vice president for enrollment, and vice provost for online programs. We each have over 30 years of experience sitting in leadership positions on campuses like yours. And when you hire a Dutcher LLC interim, you are receiving the support from all of our team. It’s more affordable than you think.
If you need some very short-term advice or support in the areas of finance, enrollment, online delivery, leadership/board communications, human resources deployment, or student retention, we are here for you.
No long-term commitments, no outrageous fees.
Trusted, experienced colleagues ready to jump in now.
Check out our backgrounds and call us if you need help.
Be well,
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