Are You Creating the Long Term Vision for your University?

“Visionaries have clarity about the future, and are prepared to position their institutions for that future in order to thrive.”

  • Dr. David Staley

We find ourselves in the purest test of leadership in most of our lifetimes. In the midst of Covid-19, higher education — indeed, the entirety of our society— faces a crisis without precedent. 

Across the postsecondary system, the overwhelming majority of attentional bandwidth is being directed toward navigating the coming academic year. This focus on what is in front of us is entirely understandable, even defensible. But institution leadership – faculty, senior leaders, presidents, and board of trustees – must begin to think and imagine the future of higher education, and that creative visioning must happen soon. Whatever we have considered “normal” course of operations will no longer be the norm.

Dr. David Staley – author, keynote speaker, dean and professor – and Dutcher LLC can help you begin this process of future ideation. In his book, Alternative Universities: Speculative Design for Innovation in Higher Education, Dr. Staley lays the groundwork for imagining new models for colleges and universities. Staley explores the trends that will impact the higher education space.

His workshops help your campus leadership determine the best way to leverage those trends. They are ideal for board of trustee meetings, academic committees, or any higher education strategic planning initiatives. David assists you in finding clarity about an uncertain future and practical strategies to position your institution for long-term sustainability.

Contact me at or 860.819.5786 to find out more about David’s cost-effective workshops.

Best wishes for a successful fall opening,

Victoria J. Dutcher
CEO and President