Our Consultants

Dutcher LLC consultants have been in your seat. As we support you and your institution, we reflect on our own experiences in campus leadership positions and approach our partnership with you grounded in practical reality.

Meet the Team

We work to make you and your institution successful.
Click below to learn about your consultants, our core philosophies, and our motivations.

Associate Victoria J. Dutcher - Dutcher LLC
Victoria J. Dutcher


CEO and president, working with presidents and all campus leaders

Associate – Lisa Bunders
Lisa Bunders


Working with enrollment management, online enrollments, institutional research, marketing, athletics, institutional assessment, residence life

Associate Anthony Caprio - Dutcher LLC
Anthony S. Caprio


Working with presidents, provosts, and boards

Associate Mary Eisenhauer - Dutcher LLC
Mary Eisenhauer


Working with human resources and all campus leaders

Associate Mike Frantz - Dutcher LLC
Mike Frantz


Working with enrollment management, provosts, athletics, marketing

Associate Rosemary Haritgan - Dutcher LLC
Rosemary Hartigan


Working with provosts, online programs, assessment

Associate Mark W. Huddleston - Dutcher LLC
Mark W. Huddleston


Working with presidents, provosts and boards

Associate John W. Mills - Dutcher LLC
John W. Mills


Working with presidents, provosts, and boards

Associate Andrew Ness - Dutcher LLC
Andrew Ness


Working with international students and international partnerships, provosts, student services, registrars, and enrolment management

Associate Matthew Poslusny - Dutcher LLC
Matthew Poslusny


Working with provosts, deans, and presidents

Associate – Kevin F.F. Quigley, Ph.D.
Kevin F.F. Quigley, Ph.D.


Working with presidents, provosts, and boards

Associate David Staley - Dutcher LLC
David Staley


Working with deans, provosts, and presidents

Associate K. Brandon Stokes - Dutcher LLC
K. Brandon Stokes


Working with student success and retention, enrollment management, research and analytics

Associate Corey Wrinn - Dutcher LLC
Corey Wrinn


Working with institutional research, assessment, marketing, enrollment management