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Retention – The Challenge That Perplexes

Posted by Dutcher LLC on  February 21, 2022
Category: News
As institutions across the country try to navigate through COVID, increased competition, declines in prospective student pools, ever changing regulations, student/parent needs, cost containment/revenue generation demands, and a myriad of other issues, the importance and challenge of retaining students has never been greater.  It is not as though steps to improve retention have not been taken. How many of these things apply to your institution? Services for students have been enhanced and expanded.Co-curricular opportunities have
With declining demographics and increased competition for new students, student retention has never been more important.At your institution is retention discussed with the same level of urgency as recruitment?Or is retention an afterthought?Have you adopted an “unacceptable loss” approach to student attrition? Acceptable loss is a term coined originally by the military that has crept into business and now into education. What does acceptable loss mean relative to retention? No one can guarantee retention of 100% of
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Poet Robert Frost’s student-centric teaching style inspired the creation of Marlboro College. Frost’s memorable line, “I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep…” also captures the essence of the marathon-like partnership exploration process Marlboro undertook before finalizing its alliance with Emerson College in the summer of 2020. As Marlboro’s president, I had a unique perspective on the complexities involved in merging two academic institutions. Everyone involved, from both colleges, was in
Dutcher LLC is excited to congratulate Dr. John Mills on his new appointment. We look forward to supporting him in his leadership role and welcoming NVU as a Dutcher client. Download Press Release

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