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The demographic and financial challenges for higher education have been apparent for quite some time. So why haven’t institutions adequately adapted to overcome these obstacles? What will it take to prepare your campus for a sustainable future? In our client work, we find that decision makers don’t need another consultant to show them the environmental data one more time. Presidents, cabinets, and boards want to know what to do – and how to do it.
With a recent spate of college closings and lingering concerns about the pandemic’s impact, many campus leaders are taking another hard look at their institution’s financial conditions and enrollment trends and revising plans on how best to sustain their institution’s purpose and support its people.If you are thinking of a merger/acquisition as one of your options, you may want to know how your institution could receive serious proposals, or if you have received a proposal
Are you beginning a new strategic planning process?How successful was your last institutional strategic plan?Have you been re-thinking the value of the traditional planning process?Have you helped your constituents – trustees, cabinet, faculty and staff – become strategic thinkers?Is your institution making progress on the initiatives that most influence your financial stability? Unfortunately, many strategic plans are neither strategic nor a plan. And, as we’ve all seen over the last year, a 3- or 5-year
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If your university has made the difficult decision to lay off staff, outplacement services can be a lifeline for your employees. We can provide affordable job transition support, with an hourly fee structure that only charges your institution for actual time used. Dutcher LLC is a team of trusted advisors experienced as on-the-ground higher education executives. Our human resources specialist, Mary Eisenhauer, is certified in 360-degree assessments, career coaching, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and Lean

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