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Are you considering new academic programs to expand your enrollment potential?Or evaluating the return on investment on existing programs? Would a third-party review of potential market demand, current competitor offerings and delivery modes inform your decision making process? Our research staff can provide you with the prospective outlook for a new undergraduate or graduate degree program within 30 days and for $4,500. Make sure your academic initiatives are grounded in objective data. Contact us today to
“The things we fear most in organizations–fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances–are the primary sources of creativity.”  Margaret Wheatley You’ve heard the expression, “That ship has sailed.”  The pandemic forced institutions across the country to set sail to expand and accelerate online course delivery, and there’s no going back to shore.  Regardless of how much online experience your institution had before this unexpected upheaval or how seaworthy your LMS may be, faculty and staff will surely encounter some
How in the world are we going to recruit students with limited standardized testing, no travel, and hybrid visit opportunities? That’s a common question looming among enrollment management leaders across the country; especially as enrollment professionals attempt to prepare for fall recruitment season – and, let’s be clear, there’s not a moment to waste. There are road blocks and barriers around every corner preventing colleges from getting in front of prospective students and families. On
(Inhale…)  We’ve all heard about it, read about it, and thought about it: the looming enrollment crisis facing higher education. Over the next several years, the supply chain for colleges will diminish – thanks both to lower birth rates and a plethora of value-based arguments and financial considerations facing American families. Universities are already competing like never before just to keep headcount and tuition revenue steady. Add to the equation the growing number of interstate
How does your tuition compare to that of your competitors? Are you in tune with your net price in relation to those other institutions? What is the gap between net price for your low income students versus high income students? Dutcher LLC can provide you with a pricing study in time for your fall board meeting. Don’t set next year’s tuition and fees without knowing your competitive position. Call me to schedule your study and

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