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Your Campus Crisis Response Plan

Posted by Dutcher LLC on  February 1, 2023
Category: News
Campuses are complex environments that can be impacted by critical incidents both large and small in scope. As a result, the need to develop a comprehensive yet pragmatic crisis response plan and review it regularly is essential. Dutcher LLC would welcome the opportunity to do an initial review of your institution’s crisis response plan. We’ll schedule a free 45-minute Teams call to provide feedback and discuss ways we might be able to help in your efforts

How to Hire an Interim Chief Enrollment Officer

Posted by Dutcher LLC on  May 5, 2022
Category: News
So, you think you need an interim chief enrollment officer, but what kind? You mean, there is more than one kind? Let’s talk: The Politician—While being hired for my first interim role, the president said, “I want you to pretend you are running for office. Shake hands, kiss babies.” In other words, he needed someone who was visible and made clear that there was a steady hand on the enrollment tiller. He did not want
Does your university really want to improve student retention? If so, it is essential for institutions to remember that it is student affairs professionals who regularly interact with students during challenging times. That interaction can be what makes the difference in a student deciding to leave or stay, fail or succeed, and survive or thrive. Unfortunately, many institutions appear unaware of just how essential a fully staffed and supported student affairs area is to their

New Way to Attract and Retain Employees

Posted by Dutcher LLC on  April 2, 2022
Category: News
We old time Admissions folk often wear it as a badge of honor, “Back in the 80’s we got paid around $18,000 and once worked 27 straight days without overtime or comp time. Had to drive our own cars and couldn’t stay in a hotel fancier than a Motel 6. Our per diem bought us a glazed donut, Big Mac with small fries, and two slices of pizza. Always felt lucky just to have a

How Good is Your University’s Crisis Response Plan?

Posted by Dutcher LLC on  March 15, 2022
Category: News
Ask any university president if their institution has a crisis response plan and the answer will almost certainly be “yes.” Dig a little deeper though, and you may learn that the plan is not what it purports to be. Maybe it addresses only a few critical incidents. Conversely, maybe it provides so much detail that it would impede responding to a crisis in a timely and effective manner. Campuses are complex environments that can be

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