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“We’re not going to talk about work today, because this week my heart has been shattered into too many pieces to count,” I said, opening our daily meeting, “My comments are not political, they are not red or blue; instead, I want to talk about life, death, and humanity.” Until I said those words out loud, I wasn’t sure I would go through with it. I’m “just” an interim enrollment leader. Before we all became
Last week the chancellor of the Vermont State Colleges System announced plans to close three campuses. Not one, three. This follows the closure or acquisition of four private colleges in our small state over the last two years. One additional institution closed in 2016, and two state campuses merged in 2018. Twenty three institutions less than five years ago, potentially brought down to 14. Here’s what’s bothering me about those numbers. I’m not convinced all of those
I’m a planner by nature. In both my personal and professional lives, I look outward to see what the future might have in store. Then I use information, coupled with gut instinct, to create plans with wiggle room for last minute changes. Since you’re a leader too, I suspect that you share that mindset. Your success has, in part, depended on your ability to synthesize information down to the most critical elements and rely on sound
Your campus has never faced a situation like this. The pandemic is creating previously unimaginable stress on institutions that were already stretched to the limit.   If you have a vacancy on your executive team, come to us for temporary support. Our interims can fill the critical roles of president, provost, chief financial officer, vice president for enrollment, and vice provost for online programs. We each have over 30 years of experience sitting in leadership positions

1 thought on “Lessons in Leadership from the Pandemic and Civil Unrest”

  1. Mike, my heart goes out to you and your son as you try to make sense out of this God awful situation. Good for you for sharing your personal pain as you strive to help us navigate through these tumultuous waters. I’m sure that your team is honored to have you as their leader and will trust you all the more because of your openness and honesty as much as your mastery of your profession.

    Thank you for sharing this reflection. And thank you, again, for all that you are doing that allows me and my colleagues to stay focused all that we have on our plates at home and at work these days. These are, indeed, trying times in so many ways. But it is is a little easier to persist when it clear that we are working with such good people like you.

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