John W. Reed

A 30-year veteran campus leader, John brings his expertise as college president, chief enrollment officer, and director of corporate partnerships to his work helping campuses plan for the achievement of financial and enrollment goals within the context of their institutional missions.

John W. Reed

My mission: help individuals and organizations reach their greatest potential. I lead and advise colleges and universities with the same approach I use to coach basketball – develop a game plan and translate execution into motion.

When I started my career, I believed my professional journey would include coaching in a few NCAA Final Four basketball championships! I didn’t set out to become a college administrator, but as I grew I started to realize the importance of making higher education accessible to all people in our communities.

As I look back on my 30+ years serving as president of a small faith-based college, as vice president of enrollment and marketing at three private universities, and as consultant to over 30 different colleges and universities in the US, Mexico and Canada, I can enthusiastically claim how fulfilled and proud I feel to ensure education is an option for as many of our citizens as possible.

Now I extend my enthusiasm to our delivery model at Dutcher LLC. Our team approach provides leadership teams and boards with our collective wisdom, our experience, and our shared passion.

Planning for organizational success is a significant challenge. The landscape is shifting at an alarming rate. Our industry needs to adapt to provide what students and the marketplace demand. I’m excited to navigate this uncharted territory. But we all know this is not a one-person show. Success will be achieved when the direction is clear, the problems measured, strategic thinking communicated, and the blueprint executed.

On a personal level, I enjoy the clean air in the Pacific Northwest, jumping in a kayak, and still believing I can golf! I love living in the same community as my two adult children – being their dad is my greatest role in life.

John W. Reed

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