John W. Mills, Ph.D.

Trained as a scientist and having taught at MIT, Harvard Medical School, Dartmouth Medical School, and institutions in Copenhagen and Munich, John is also a skilled academic administrator. His deep analytic skills, joined with a spirit of innovation, make John an outstanding coach for new presidents and provosts and an adept interim able to hit the ground running.

John W. Mills, Ph.D.

My entire adult life has been focused on a commitment to quality higher education whether serving as a faculty member and administrator at research universities or serving as the leader of small, private not-for-profit colleges. As a campus leader I have worked diligently to insure that the community is valued by the leadership and that the many disparate voices in the higher education structure are given the opportunity to he heard and most importantly, be solicited for input and advise.

When a community feels they have input into the decision-making process they are more than willing to give it their all to achieve institutional, versus personal, success. A critical part of that team atmosphere is having the right people on the team. I consider that one of the key elements of organizational leadership. Finding, evaluating, training and promoting the right people to carry out the mission of the institution is essential to success. This is especially critical when there is the need for organizational change. You cannot do it alone and must build, evaluate and, if need be, make changes to insure there is a committed unified approach to the goals that have been set.

A challenge for all of higher education and one that will not go away in the foreseeable future is the control of costs and therefore affordability. I feel that a constant review of processes and programs is a requirement and that flexibility and the seeking of efficiency must be built into every aspect of higher education administration. This also includes the need to encourage innovation and risk-taking so that no opportunity is missed, even if that opportunity eventually fails.

John W. Mills, Ph.D.

59 Murphy Lane, Pray MT 59065

c. 518-524-2977


University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI B.S. Zoology 1969

Brown University, Providence, RI Ph.D. Biology 1973


2018-2020 President, Mount Aloysius College

2017–2018 Interim Provost, Mount Aloysius College

2004–2014 President, Paul Smith’s College    

2003-2004 Provost, Paul Smith’s College

2000-2002 Vice President for Academic Affairs, Paul Smith’s College

1999-2000 Professor, Division of Health Sciences, Clarkson University

1991-1999 Professor, Department of Biology, Clarkson University

1997 Visiting Professor, August Krogh Institute, University of Copenhagen

1995-1997 Visiting Scientist, Trudeau Institute, Saranac Lake, NY

1986-1991 Professor, Department of Anatomy, Dartmouth Medical School. 

1982-1986 Associate Professor, Dept. of Anatomy, Dartmouth Medical School.

1981-1982 Visiting Scientist, Dept. of Physiology, Univ. of Munich, West Germany. 

1980-1985 Associate Biologist, Dept. of Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital.

1980-1982 Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School; and Assistant Professor, Whitaker Health Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

1978-1982 Director, Laboratory of Renal Biophysics, Department of Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital.

1975-1978 Assistant Biologist, Laboratory of Renal Biophysics, Massachusetts General Hospital; and Instructor, Department of Anatomy, Harvard Medical School.

1973-1975 Instructor, Department of Anatomy, Temple University School of Medicine.


June 2020 Higher Education Consultant, Dutcher LLC,. 

2018-2020 President, Mount Aloysius College

2017-2018 Interim Provost, Mount Aloysius College

2004-2014 President, Paul Smith’s College

2003 Provost, Paul Smith’s College

2000-2003 Vice President for Academic Affairs, Paul Smith’s College

Experience prior to 2000 can be provided upon request.


2001-2012 Board of Directors, Saranac Lake Area Chamber of Commerce

2008-2010 President, Saranac Lake Area Chamber of Commerce

2004-present Board of Directors, Countess Alicia Spaulding-Paolozzi Foundation

2003-2016 Board of Directors, Adirondack Lakes Survey Corporation

2012-2016 Chairman, Adirondack Lakes Survey Corporation

2004-2011 Board of Directors, Adirondack Economic Development Corporation

2007-2010 DEC Commissioner’s Committee on Adirondack Economy

2007-2017 Member, College for Every Student Foundation Strategic Task Force

2009-2010 Member, Second Nature’s National Transportation Policy Task Force

2011-2014 Member, Committee on Higher Education’s Role in Adapting to Climate Disruption, American College and University President’s Climate Commitment

2013-2014 Board of Trustees, Council of Independent Colleges and Universities (cIcu), Albany, NY

2013-2014 Member, Sub-committee on Financial Aid, National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities

2004-2017 Board of Directors, Franklin  County NY Empire Zone

2013-2015 Steering Committee, Point Positive, Angel investment group for the Adirondack North Country

2018-2020 Executive Roundtable, Blair County, Chamber of Commerce

2019-2020 Board of Directors, Cambria County Chamber of Commerce 


Details can be provided.


Details can be provided.


1984-1989 Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry.

1985-1987 Molecular Physiology.


1999 Clarkson University Student Association-Outstanding Teacher Award

2008  College For Every Student – Mario Pena Award, minority recruitment

2012  Adirondack Park Institute – Adirondack Leadership Award

2020  PA Business Central top 100 people


DATE OF BIRTH:  June 14, 1947 

PLACE OF BIRTH:  Fall River, Massachusetts


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