Corey M. Wrinn, M.P.A.

After 10 years in institutional research, Corey’s background in research design, data visualization, performance dashboards, and probability modeling provides quantitative insights that guide strategy and positioning decisions and monitor progress toward measurable goals.

Corey M. Wrinn, M.P.A.

During my first year working at a college, I was approached by a student named Tim. With tears in his eyes, Tim asked me for directions to the financial aid office. As I escorted him to the other side of the building, he told me that his mother just lost her job and he might have to drop out. The college was able to help Tim, and when I witnessed an administration committed to helping a student finish his degree, I was hooked on a career in higher education.

My professional motivation is helping colleges assure that students like Tim are in the best position to complete their studies and find success during their time on campus.

As the educational landscape becomes more crowded, more competitive, and more dynamic, it is imperative that we test our assumptions and develop a mindset towards continuous improvement. We can no longer rely on gut instinct, tradition, or a ‘we’ve-always-done-it-this-way’ mentality to guide our decisions. Institutions already have mountains of data at their fingertips; the challenge in front of us is – how do we use it?

I joined the Dutcher LLC team to find the untapped resources within campuses that can transform institutions. Strong relationships with leadership on the ground and the strategic use of data will provide the context and insight necessary to make our recommendations reality.

Corey M. Wrinn, M.P.A.


Weston, Connecticut


  • Data research project leader with focus on organizational change and institutional impact
  • Proficient in data analytics, data visualization, research design and execution
  • Ten years’ experience in institutional research and planning; seven years consulting
  • Master of Public Administration degree and Advanced Certificate in Finance

Professional Choate Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, CT  2015-present

Experience:   Director of Institutional Research

  • Project manager, research lead, and in-house consultant for premier boarding school
  • Built the office from the ground-up by introducing key performance indicators to leadership while regularly presenting research results to Board of Trustees
  • Identified new domestic markets for recruitment based on statistical analysis of applicant demographics and local economies – resulting in a 14% increase of applications
  • Supported targeted marketing efforts by crafting messaging based on regional research such as surveys, focus groups, and peer feedback – growing digital impressions
  • Constructed predictive model for Admission to recognize applicants’ likelihood to enroll to support their decision-making process – becoming more selective with a higher yield
  • Designed interactive dashboard that tracks inquiries and applications daily for Summer Programs, allowing staff to change offerings on the fly and follow-up with “incomplete families” – resulting in largest completed application pool in five years
  • Established longitudinal study to track students’ perceptions, expectations, and fulfillment of Choate experience through New Student Survey, Senior Survey, and alumni touchpoints – laying the groundwork for strategic plan focus areas in 2020

Iona College, New Rochelle, NY  2013-2015

  Assistant Director, Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning

  • Piloted institutional assessment plan across campus focusing on all 27 non-academic units that resulted in a three-year survey and research cycle, improving student access and student outcomes (GPA) by 10%
  • Designed retention model that identified which students needed remedial courses and individualized counseling, ensuring a retention rate above 80%
  • Supported and guided six teams made up of staff, administration, and faculty in support of the strategic plan; including Retention, Learning Communities and Marketing, using 10 years of data to craft policy updates and new student programming
  • Comprehensive research project concerning “institutional identity” that included student, faculty, and staff focus groups in addition to surveys resulting in a campus-wide open house presentation and panel talk
  • Multiple marketing analyses for new programs which included environmental scans, external data analyses, and presentations to Provost and Deans

Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT  2009-2013

Assistant Director/Coordinator of Enrollment Research and Data Analysis, Office of Institutional Research, 2012-2013

  • Created student enrollment and student retention probability models using regression techniques, allowing Undergraduate Admissions to improve yield and Student Affairs offices to counsel 120 students in order to prevent attrition
  • Designed, conducted, and analyzed the Admitted Student Survey, The Sophomore Survey, and the Withdrawn Student Survey to gauge student experiences and track satisfaction; shared with VPs on a regular basis and used in retention modeling
  • Community Associatein First Year Experience program for class of twenty new students

  Research Associate, Office of Institutional Research, 2009-2012

  • Designed and conducted multiple student surveys using KeySurvey software: in order to improve relations with the student body for Public Safety, gather competitor information for Undergraduate Admissions, and brand awareness for the School of Engineering
  • Facilitated the research for additional graduate programs based on labor market and admissions data, and also internally-designed market studies resulting in launch of two new programs

CT Department of Economic and Community Development, Hartford, CT  2008-2009

      Strategy & Policy Intern/Consultant

Town of Glastonbury,Glastonbury, CT  2007-2008

    Special Assistant to the Town Manager

Consulting  Harvest Development Group, Middletown, CT, 2016-present

Experience:  Senior Consultant: Capital Campaign feasibility studies and Community Health Assessment  

Association of Independent School Admission Professionals, Madison, CT, 2017-present

   Institutional Research Manager for AISAP:  Best-of-industry trending and custom client research

Farrell & Farrell Consulting Services, Colchester, CT, 2012-2016

  Mapping and Research Consultant:  Market demand and demographics for corporate realignment;

External market surveys and analysis for potential degree programs at local college

Professional Association of Institutional Research (AIR), Conference Proposal Reviewer & Presenter

Associations:     NortheastAssociation of Institutional Research (NEAIR), Peer Research Reviewer

Organized inaugural Independent School Institutional Research Conference, 2019

UConn Center for Career Development’s Husky Mentor Network

Technological    Data visualization and dashboard creation through PowerBI and Tableau;

Skillsets:            Coding and data analysis in SPSS and Microsoft Excel;

             Experience with SQL Server and Power Query (M); 

Research design through Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, and KeySurvey

Education: Cornell University, 2017

    Certificate in Project Leadership

Fairfield University, 2013

    Certificate of Advanced Study in Finance

University of Connecticut, 2009

    Master of Public Administration

    Graduate Certificate in Public/Nonprofit Management

University of Connecticut, 2007

    Bachelor of Arts in Political Science & Urban Studies